The week ahead in Holyrood – 05/02/18

On Tuesday the Equalities and Human Rights Committee will ask Parliament to note the findings   and recommendation of their report Looking Ahead to the Scottish Government’s Draft Budget 2018-19: Making the Most of Equalities and Human Rights Levers (SP Paper 246).

This will be followed by a Scottish Government Debate, Celebrating 100 Years of Women’s Right to Vote.

Tuesday’s Members’ Business will be led by SNP MSP Gillian Martin and will focus on Encouraging Cyber-resilience Among Young People. This debate will call on Parliament to welcome education programmes such as Digi, Aye? which aim to tackle issues such as sexting and cyber bullying.

Wednesday’s Portfolio Questions will focus on the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work.

This will be immediately followed by a Scottish Government Debate entitled Stemming the Plastic Tide: Action to Tackle the Impact of Single-use Plastics on Land and in our Seas.

Conservative MSP Liam Kerr will then lead Members’ Business with a debate on Increasing Awareness of the Work of Veteran Charities in Scotland.

On Thursday, General Questions will be followed by First Minster’s Questions.

Scottish Liberal Democrats leader Willie Rennie will then lead Members’ Business by calling on Parliament to commend the work of the East Neuk First Responders – a group in Fife who provide care in life-threatening emergencies until an ambulance arrives.

At 2.30pm there will be a Stage 1 Debate on the Islands (Scotland) Bill. This Bill would make provision for a national islands plan which would impose duties in relation to island communities on certain public authorities, make provision about the electoral representation of island communities and establish a licensing scheme in respect of marine development adjacent to islands.

The Stage 1 Debate will be immediately followed by the Financial Resolution on the same Bill.

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